Cape Boerperd Breeders’ Society
Kaapse Boerperd Telersgenootskap

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History of the Cape Boerperd

The Cape Boerperd Breeders’ Society was formed in 1948 by a group of horse enthusiasts that noticed how quickly the horse was disappearing in the new Mechanical Age. These people saw the worldwide popularity of the Cape Boerperd.

The Cape Boerperd is famous for its hardiness, endurance and its unbelivable ability to work long hours on minimal feed while still maintaing its condition. This is a very versatile horse that can be used for pleasure, work and Showing.

Board Members

Ezelle MaraisPresident082 552 2309
Hans BothaVice-President083 676 4111
Colette BothaMember083 327 7451
Johan MaraisMember082 377 2838
Lorrae TurnerMember083 565 5365
Jetta Du PreezMember082 410 7512
Baby MullerMember082 417 6055
Philip TibshraenyMember082 847 7262
Lize Frost Member083 310 1641
Above: Table of Board Members as of 14 September 2020